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Single Knit Series OD7-M2XC-A3.2RE

By BJS International Agency Pvt. Ltd

Single Jersey Raceway Machine. Speed Factor 1350. Technical Detail Diameters 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 Gauges 14 - 40 Frame M2XC Feeds 84, 90, 96, 104, 108, 116, 120, 128, 136 End Uses Sports & Leisure, Apparel, Home Textiles Fabric Potential Plain Jersey, Pique, Inlay, Spandex Plating

Country: India

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Born in 2008, BJS is a forward looking company focused in Textile and Information Techinology. In India company is dealing with Fukuhara Circular Knitting Machines and Sclavos Dyeing Machinery. In Australia, BJS is a grwoing comapny in Information Technology field.

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Apr 2021
835-836, Chd. Road, Near MIG Flat, Sanjay Gandhi Colony, Sector 32A, Ludhiana, Punjab, India
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